Southpointe Town Center Huddle Room TV Connections

Connecting to Wi-Fi

  • Select LOFT MEMBER
  • Enter Voucher Code 0251087230

Microsoft Wireless Display

  • Turn on TV
  • On your computer, click on the Microsoft symbol and K
  • Select Loft_SPTC_Meetingroom
  • The first time you connect you must hit accept on the TV
  • You can change projection mode to Duplicate, Extend or Second Screen Only

*Duplicate means same screen on both, Extend makes the TV a second monitor, and Second Screen makes the TV the only monitor

Apple Display

  • Turn on TV and go to Home Dashboard
  • Select AirPlay and then Loft_SPTC_Meetingroom
  • On your computer, go to Settings, Display, and connect to Loft_Meetingroom