Eight Locations within Southpointe, Washington, Green Tree, and Morgantown


Fully-Furnished Office Space
High Speed Wi-Fi
Access to Print/Copy
Conference Rooms
Lounge & Kitchenette
Complimentary Coffee
24/7 Access
Free, Ample Parking
Company Signage
Mailing Address

In the bustling suburbs of South Hills, professionals grapple with a common dilemma: the need for a productive workspace versus the desire to stay close to home. The traditional office setup in the city means long commutes, while working from home often brings distractions and a lack of professional environment. What if you could find a workspace that offers both professional amenities and proximity to home?

With its conveniently located office spaces, Loft Office offers the ideal solution. Our spaces are designed to meet the needs of modern professionals – from private offices to multi-office suites, all equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, 24/7 access, and essential amenities. With flexible leasing options, we eliminate the hassles of long-term commitments, making Loft Office a practical choice for both individual remote workers and medium-sized teams.

By choosing Loft Office, our clients enjoy the best of both worlds. They love the heightened productivity, thanks to a distraction-free environment and state-of-the-art facilities. The proximity to home means less time commuting and more time for family, hobbies, and personal well-being. It’s not just an office space; it’s a lifestyle change that brings about a healthier work-life balance and a vibrant community of like-minded professionals.